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Oh baby I love you so. #brunch #nutella #bananas

Oh baby I love you so. #brunch #nutella #bananas

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I’ve always wanted to put on make-up for no reason. The make-up that would be caked on my face for extravagant parties and such….but I would just be in my room, eating Cheerios. Hell of a party.

Idk. I’m still nervous when it comes to eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss. Eyelash curlers are freaking hard and eyeliners are just colored pencils..for my eyes.

I’ve always been a Chapstick/Foundation girl.
Barely getting back into nail polish.

Ugh. Eczema really punches the self esteem I’ve still held onto xD.

Thanksssssss #tahitian #practice

Thanksssssss #tahitian #practice

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Form F/W ‘10

Form F/W ‘10

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Propeller Nebula in SHO by Didier CHAPLAIN & Laurent BOURGON

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